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By using this website, you accept that we collect all IP addresses, email addresses tied to an account, and names linked to an account. None of the aforementioned info will be given to anyone outside of The Soysylum unless

  1. The user is making credible threats (ex. serious threats to another user, etc), all information will be passed onto law enforcement.
  2. The user is posting something that violates United States law or law from the user's country of origin, all information will be passed onto law enforcement.
  3. We are required to by court order

If you get banned, your IP address may be revealed, though this will not be directly tied to a user.

If you would like to request to view data collected upon you, contact Angeleno.

Cookies[edit source]

The Soysylum uses cookies to ensure that you remain logged in if you have an account.

Cookies are also used if you are banned, to prevent ban evasion.

Analytics[edit source]

The Soysylum uses Matomo for analytics.

We collect the following for analytics:

  1. The general location of where a person is (nearest big city usually).
  2. Stats on who is using the website, the web browser used, a truncated IP address, the operating system used, the resolution of your screen, the device you are using, and how you got to the wiki.

This type of info may be released for statistics on the website (however, nothing released will be identifiable to a user)

If you would like to opt-out of tracking, click here.

Takedown Requests[edit source]

The Soysylum is required to accept all valid takedown requests for personal content, unless there is a need to keep it for legal reasons. Requests should be made to wiki administrators.

Change of Ownership[edit source]

In case we change ownership, this privacy policy is nullified.

Modifications to this policy[edit source]

The Soysylum may make modifications to this privacy policy, however, users must be notified of any changes that happen. Any change will show up in Special:RecentChanges

Definitions[edit source]

We: "The Soysylum"

You: The end user