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Containment Procedure[edit | edit source]

Asylum Patient
ID: 312
Name: Splicejak
Threat level: High
Filed: March 18, 2024
By: SprokemowerMan

Patient-312 is to be contained in a 5'x5'x5' schizo cell made of reinforced steel and concrete. A fake hallway complex is to be installed around Patient-312's cell, including fake cells and fake patients. A Copium sprayer, disguised as a water sprinkler, is to be installed in the cell, with at least one security guard monitoring the cell through a security cam at all times. The security guard is to have access to a button that activates the Copium sprayer. At least thirty personnel are to patrol the site, each armed with at least one vaccine in case of a breach.

While on site with Patient-312, personnel are to wear rubber masks of unknown syndrome jaks, along with a pair of sunglasses. The mask artist is to include at least one notable facial feature from a somewhat common variant. Every staff member is to be given an unique mask, as to better deceive Patient-312. Actual personnel with unknown syndrome are to undergo a test involving Patient-312-2 to determine risk level with Patient-312-3. During the test, a Copium rig is to be installed on Patient-312 in case of hostile manifestation.

In case of a breach, personnel are to jab Patient-312 with as many vaccines as possible, until he goes unconcious. Afterwards, Grade B Copium is to be administered to Patient-312, and he is to be relocated to his containment cell. Copium Green may be administered at the Site Officer's discretion.

Staff are to check on Patient-312 every hour, and administer a small dose of meds. He is permitted to enter the site's break room twice every week, under staff supervision, and to one hour of recreation five days a week, under similar supervision.

Description[edit | edit source]

Patient-312 is a mixed-age male comprised of two males that were fused together. He was created from a failed experiment. Besides being fused together, other altercations have been made to the two donor's bodies, presumably in an attempt to create a supersoldier.

Modifications include: bigger organs, lab-grown sensory eyes and ears, an extra unidentified organ, gene-spliced muscles, and a chemically enhanced skeletal structure. Patient-312 has an estimated grip strength of ███ kilograms, which allows him to peel any structure like an onion. This is his main method of attack.

Patient-312 has three personalities: Ty, Stephen, and Benjamin. The two main personalities - Ty and Benjamin - were physically formed by Patient-312's two seperate brains being fused together. Somehow, Stephen materialized, perhaps as a buffer between Ty and Stephen. The missing brain matter from the donors is currently considered discarded, along with the other spare biomatter.

Ty, aka Patient-312-1, is a cheerful, but quiet, personality. He is easily discernable by his warm smile. Ty always emerges in the immediate minutes after meds are administered. Personnel are considered least at risk around Ty.

Benjamin, aka Patient-312-2, is similarly cheerful, but his mouth is at a constant toothy grin and he laughs at nonsensical things. He is perhaps the most dominant personality. He also mocks masked staff, for appearing to be variant unknowns, calling them "brimstone" This has resulted in nine incidents, due to offended staff.

Stephen, as he calls himself, aka Patient-312-3, hates the normal jaks. He says they're annoying, and are way too popular. He is identified when Patient-312's face spasms and enters a shellshock-like stare. When he enters a rage state, he starts shouting "YOU RUINED ME" repeatedly and attempts to rip off the offending victim's face. So far, only █████ people have survived Stephen's rage state upon provoking it, including the leader of the experiment that created Patient-312, Dr. ███.

Of all the personalities, only Stephen knows of Patient-312's physical capabilities. Stephen also tends to seek out potential victims, even when in isolation. He doesn't attack unknown syndrome jaks, even when they impede him.

If anyone ever manages to find ███████, Patient-312 just might be cured.

Incident-312-01[edit | edit source]

In a Russian hamlet, rumors surface of a serial killer who breaks into houses and rips off the inhabitant's faces to wear as a mask. After a team of Russian Spetsnaz encounters Patient-312, they experience ██ deaths. The Russian government contacts Soysylum, providing info of the soldiers that were KIA vs spared. Dr. Soystein recognizes the pattern, and sends MJF R-47 "Unknown Soldiers" to the scene. First they, try and reason with Patient-312, coaxing him into the truck. After he lunges at one of the agents, they fire at him. Several of them are wounded, and Patient-312 goes into retreat. He is later found hiding in a cave. After they administer meds and copium, he cooperates, and they capture him.

Patient-313 is transported via Boeing V-22 Osprey. On the way to the Capitol Reef facility, Patient-312 breaks free from the shipping container, and falls into the Atlanctic Ocean. He swims to ███████ Island, which is populated by a tribe of nonrisk individuals. MJF R-47 secures the island and recaptures Patient-312. 26 hours later, a modified shipping container is brought and used to transport Patient-312. The rest of the trip goes smoothly.

Incident-312-02[edit | edit source]

At 2:15PM, on July ██, 202█, Patient-312-3 ██████ the reinforced containment cell with his hands. Personnel discover him in neighoring cells, along with a trail multiple schizos after their heads were defaced. Patient-312 grabs a janitor's head with both his hands, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The janitor takes about 50 steps before expiring. Patient-12 takes a metal shank and stabs 4 staff members in the chest, killing them instantly. Patient-312 rushes down the hallway, and slowly pries the metal bars in a window open.

Agent ███████ pelts him with nine shotgun shots, until Patient-312 turns around to rush him. The agent hides inside one of the untampered cells. Patient-312 bashes the door while getting slugged by other agents. He pushes the door into the cell like a shield. Agent ███████ slips out of the cell, dropping his shotgun. He breaks into a sprint, and reaches the corner of the hallway before Patient-312 notices. Patient-312 chases the agent through four hallways, leaving a trail of blood. His movement is unrelenting despite the apparent damage to his skin. He catches and grabs the agent by the arm and snaps his bones apart. He degloves the agent's hand and laughs for half a minute. Dr. █████, upon hearing the commotion, sneaks up to Patient-312 and jabs him with a vaccine and six booster shots.

Before Patient-312 can look back, he falls unconcious. Personnel rush Agent ███████ to the medical wing, and Patient-312 is taken off-site until a better containment plan can be formed and enacted.