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The entrance to the Soysylum

Established in 19XX, The Soy Asylum (better known as the Soysylum) is a mental hospital dedicated to rehabilitating soyteens that have gone schizo. It hosts several teams of psychiatric and medical proffessionals and has had ██ successful rehabilitations. The Asylum has NOT been the subject of any controversy, it is NOT a front for anything else, it does not contain ANYTHING that science cannot explain and YOU WILL NOT INVESTIGATE FURTHER WITHOUT THE PROPER CLEARANCE.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Soy Asylum is currently the largest site in operation, located in ████████, Israel. The building is surrounded by a vast desert landscape with a sole mountain protruding from it. At the base of the mountain, a singular metal door can be seen. As of now, this is the only entrance into the Asylum because... It just is, Okay? Don't question it further, soyim.

Currently, there are multiple branch locations:

  1. Capital Reef National Park,
  2. █████, Burundi.
  3. █████, Ivory Coast

Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

The Soy Asylum is dedicated to the procurement, treatment, and containment of all dangerous schizos as well as any anomalous objects or patients. All soysylum staff trust in The Science above all else. Praise Fauci.

Any anomalous findings WILL be addressed by trained staff. The public WILL be protected. Dangerous schizos or anomalies WILL be contained, treated, and otherwise Science'd The Shit Out Of.

Meta:Writing A New File[edit | edit source]

Writing a new file is easy! For a new patient file, just search up an untaken Patient page (e.g Patient-XXX) and click Create an Article. You can also write a new patient file from the Main Page. There is a link that also says Create an Article. Similarly, you can click on a dead link, and the wiki will prompt you to create an article.

Of course you aren't limited to writing about a Patient. You can also write about a doctor or an anomalous object. You can also write a Lore article, which is about a Location or an Incident.

When creating a Patient File, it is recommended to click the add button, select Add Template, then search up Patientbox. From there, you can click on the box, then click Edit. From there, you'll see a button that reads Show Options. Check every option, except for the last option, unless you're nesting an article. There is also a Doctorbox and and Objectbox. These work similarly.

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

You can get inspired by one of the 'jaks in your 'jak folder. You can also come up with something out of the blue, or try to put a Soysylum-style twist on an entry from the Soyjak Wiki. If you're completely new to the Soysylum format, it is recommended that you read the existing patient files first, and learn from them. You can also edit your own article, if you think it needs some polishing.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

  • MJF/MTF - A mobile jak force/mobile task force (first term preferred). A team of (usually) soldiers who are assigned to a Patient or Object. Format: MJF (letter)-(number) "Title"
  • Special Containment Procedure - How the Patient is contained and treated.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Soysylum's primary goal is to treat patients. Keep that in mind.
  • Patients are usually anomalous in nature.
  • Basic treatments can be found on this page, although it is usually more interesting if unorthodox treatments are employed.

Q&A[edit | edit source]

When contacting public authorities, mass media or any other single civilians, every personell MUST follow this list:

Question Answer
What is Soysylum? Soysylum is wholesome and LGBTQA++ friendly mental hospital, dedicated to mood improving, bigotry curing and HRT providing!
Can i join? Of course! But at first you shall ask your local rabbi, thoughever only xhe can decide may you le participate or not. Btw you are so valid, so dont even ask, just wait until rabbi tells you xhemself!
Is it safe there? It's hecking the most saferino place on the Earth! Our head centers locations are more secret than the original Fauci Golden Funko Pop figure blueprint, so no chud could track you down to prevent your premium HRT session!
Where are your money goes from? We are proud to say that we are gaining support from all the NATO members, EU members, the independent state of Israel, Blackrock inc., The Vanguard Group, SSGA, The World Economic Forum, Funko inc., Marvel Comics, Nintendo, Pfizer inc., Wakanda, UCM, hecking Tony Stark, George Floyd and many others great people and companies!
I heard rumors that... Oh, im sorry, will you really let those chuddies brainwash you with their hecking psyops? Now, close your eyes, slowly breathe in and out... Remember, what have we achieved. The science always accompany us along our path. And only the science is the one, that can tell you an incontrovertible, testable, repeatable trvth. Trust us. Trust the science!
Who is the founder of the Soysylum? The famous Dr.Soyberg is the root of the whole organization of Soysylum by himself! Though the history of the place is kept as corporate secret, what most important is the man himself, the living legend. Dr. Soyberg guided the place creation all by himself, erected a whole complex in the middle of nowhere! As now, he is very busy with his colossal list of work, so dont ever ever ever ever ever try to contact him, better call Dr.Soystein instead.
Ayo nigguh i feel yo sum drippin and shiiiiet can i borrow som cash in dat joint fo reeal fast aight? [DATA LOCKED UNTIL NEXT BLM RIOT | ALL PREVIOUS COLLECTED MATERIAL MUST BE REDIRECTED TO DR.CHUDMAN]

List of Administrators (current and past)[edit | edit source]

Soot (19XX-2010) - former Admin and founder of the Sharty. Oversaw the construction of the Soysylum before ultimately giving power over to Dr. Soyberg.

Dr. Soyberg (2010-2020) - Well known Administrator, responsible for implementing the C.A.L.M. (Calming, Atmospheric, Lown Meditation) Program. Was unfortunately killed in a freak accident.

Dr. Soystein (2020-Present) - Mentored by Dr. Soyberg, he took a hardliner approach to curing patients after the incident. He usually shoves meds and Sproke down patient's throats in hoping that they will get better. If this does not work, he kills them.