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Anomalous Object
ID: 010
Name: "The Smoke Detector"
Threat level: Soyfe
Filed: Feb 12 2024
By: Gemelangelo

Special Containment Procedures[edit | edit source]

OBJ-010 is to be contained within a reinforced steel containment chamber, measuring 5m x 5m x 5m. The chamber must be equipped with soundproofing materials to prevent the sound of the object from reaching personnel. The room should also be monitored by at least two armed guards at all times. Every personnel transferred at the Site-██,with their melanin L* value below ██ must be registered as brown level risk category. Under no circumstances should any b-category personnel approach or enter the chamber without proper authorization and protective measures.

Description[edit | edit source]

OBJ-010 is a standard smoke detector, visually indistinguishable from non-anomalous models. However, when activated, OBJ-010 emits a high-pitched chirping sound at irregular intervals, typically every 30 to 60 seconds. This sound has a detrimental effect on individuals of African descent, causing their heads to violently explode within approximately 1-2 seconds of exposure. The exact mechanism behind OBJ-010's anomalous properties is currently unknown. Research has shown that the sound emitted by OBJ-010 triggers a rapid increase in intracranial pressure in affected individuals, resulting in catastrophic cranial rupture. This phenomenon occurs regardless of the individual's proximity to OBJ-010, with the sound seemingly traveling through any medium. OBJ-010 was initially discovered in a residential home in [REDACTED], where it had caused the deaths of several African-American residents before Soysylum intervention. The object was subsequently contained and transferred to Site-██ for further study and containment.

Addendum 010-A[edit | edit source]

Incident on the 'Log 010-01 On ██/██/20██, during routine testing, the whole Soysylum complex electricity network experienced a sudden voltage jump, which caused OBJ-010 emitting a highly amplified chirping sound, surpassing its normal volume by ██ times. Despite the soundproofing measures in place, every person that falls under the B-category requirements, located within a radius of █ kilometers, reported being killed. Following this, OBJ-010's containment chamber experienced a structural breach, resulting in the death of three guards and the destruction of the chamber. After the incident investigation group was found a Patient-███-█'s ████ inside an electrical, investigation then seized after no more clues found. All personnel involved were given a can of Sproke so they can feel better.

Addendum 010-B[edit | edit source]

Experiment on the 'Log 010-01 Experiment 010-01 was conducted to determine the range and potential countermeasures against OBJ-010's anomalous effects. A subject of African descent was placed in a soundproof chamber, made of [REDACTED], adjacent to OBJ-010's containment chamber, while researchers monitored their vital signs remotely. Results: - At a distance of 5 meter, the subject experienced a massive headache, their eyes popped out, albeit he did not suffer cranial rupture. - At a distance of 10 meters, the subject experienced mild discomfort and headache but remained unaffected otherwise. - At a distance of 25 meters, the subject reported no discomfort or adverse effects. These findings suggest that this new material, while maintaining a safe distance of at least 25 meters from OBJ-010, can mitigate its harmful effects. Further research is ongoing to develop additional countermeasures and understand the full extent of OBJ-010's capabilities.

Note from Dr.Soystein: I've got feedback from some of the research personnel and... this is just ridiculous... We will NOT replace or remove any B-category personnel from Site-██, keep it on your minds and stay diverse. Fauci bless us all!

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